Book Of Remembrances

David Johnson - Gordano Valley 41 Club


Gordano Valley 41 Club is sad to announce the death of David Johnson after a prolonged period of ill health on 26th August aged 69. David had been a member of Boston Spa RT transferring into Gordano Valley RT in 1978, he served as RT Chairman in 1985 – 86 and 41 Club Chairman in 1993 – 94, having held most of the other Table posts besides. David went on to serve as 41 Club National Treasurer from 1999 -2005 and 41 Club Treasurer from 2005-2012. He was our contact officer / officer and had been a member of Pill Community Foundation. David was honoured with Life Membership of Gordano Valley 41 in April this year. David was always someone who could be relied upon to keep the Club on the straight and narrow, knowing more about the rules than the rest of us. David leaves a widow, Janet, children, Paul and Helen and his grandchildren. David will be sadly missed by his many friends in Gordano Valley 41 and Tangent Clubs