Book Of Remembrances

Bill Beasley - Banbridge 41 Club

William (Bill) Beasley 1933 – 2019

A native of London, Bill was born in 1933. He was evacuated during the Second World War and then returned to London to complete the rest of his schooling.

His desire to travel abroad influenced his decision to opt for overseas duty in the RAF for his National Service from 1951-1953. He was stationed in Egypt and was part of the RAF contingent posted there before the Suez Crisis.

On his return from National Service he went on to work for the London Shafting and Pulley Company where he me his future wife Betty.

Bill moved to Northern Ireland in 1970 upon taking up the post of Regional Manager with JH Fenner, a Sales Engineering Company. He settled in Banbridge, well and truly making it his home by becoming involved in many aspects of the local community.

Bill was a member of Banbridge Golf Club and held many positions in the club from Council Member to Competitions Convenor and Club Captain in 1982.

He was also both secretary and president of the Cowdy Association and an Ulster representative of the Golfing Union of Ireland. But undoubtedly, what Bill love to do most, was play golf and he and his regular 4 ball played together for nearly 40 years.

Bill also joined Banbridge Round Table and was one of the founding members, and also first president of Banbridge 41 Club. He belonged to Banbridge Choral Society and participated in several of their productions. He served on the Board of Governors of Banbridge Academy for a number of years.

He will be greatly missed by all who knew him but especially his family.