Book Of Remembrances

Matthew Brown Craig – Mexborough 41 Club

Matt was born on 27th May, 1943. His parents were fruit farmers in the Clyde Valley. He met his future wife Jean at a ballroom in Glasgow, actually outside the ballroom where he had fallen into the gutter when Jean pulled him out.

They were married in 1967 at the Springfield Church of Scotland in Bishop Briggs where Jean lived with her parents, sister and brother. Shortly after getting married Matt and Jean moved to South Africa where their daughter (Jane) and son (Douglas) were born. Matthew’s career in construction took them all over South Africa finishing in Cape Town. This time of his life proved to be a great source of wonderful memories and stories with which he would enthral his “audience” at numerous dinner parties and events over the next forty years.

In 1978 Matt, Jean and their family moved to Mexborough, which was supposed to be temporary but continued for forty years. He always said that he came to Mexborough as a missionary, albeit a failed missionary.

Matt’s career continued in the cladding industry where he applied his work ethic and was very successful, achieving great things.

He was a proud Scotsman and loved to wear his tartan kilt at various social events. On one occasion those present challenged him on the “myth” of what was worn under the kilt. They now know that it is no myth.

Matt loved dancing and was surprisingly light on his feet for a big man. He also loved cooking and enjoyed trying out his talents on friends and family.

One ambition he did not achieve was to climb all the Monroes in Scotland. Only the lack of time and old age made him realise that the Monroes were a hill too far. However Matt joined a local walking group and when he organised the trips he would provide a comprehensive file with the itinerary plusa full history of the appointed venues. Following his retirement Matt became a volunteer gardener at nearby Brodsworth Hall.

Matt’s family were very important to him, Jean, their daughter, son, grandchildren and great granddaughter.

Matthew Brown Craig was a big man in every sense of the word, larger than life. He made a lasting impression on all who met him and worked with him.

Matt passed away on 16th June, 2018 after a long illness bravely borne.