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Paul Cammiss - Past National President 2002 - 2003

Paul Cammiss, Past National President 2002 - 2003

It is with deep sadness that Paul, our Haverhill Round Tabler No 748, fellow Haverhill & District 41 Club member, Life Honorary member of the 41 Association and great friend Paul Cammiss sadly passed away.

From all of us at Haverhill we send our sincere condolences to his wife Lin, his two children Justine and Gemma and all of his family.

Without doubt Paul was not only a family man but he was also very active for both Round Table and for the 41 Association. Paul joined Haverhill Round Table in 1972, which means he had been a member of the Round Table family, a past Tabler and still a 41 Club member for 47 years.

Not wishing to take things easy he became Haverhill Table Treasurer in 1974/1975 served as Haverhill Table Chairman in 1980/1981. So again not wishing to just sit there he was elected Table Area 41 as Secretary in 1981/82 and over the subsequent years had served as Area Sales Officer, Area Press Officer and then in 1985/86 became Area 41 Vice Chairman and also Haverhill Table Secretary. Then in 1986/1987 he was elected Round Table Area 41 Chairman at a time when Round Table was at its peak with a membership of nearly 24,000 members.

With such a large membership Paul’s enthusiasm for Table was clearly evident and it was only a matter of time before he decided to help the organisation at a National level. In 1987/1988 Paul was elected onto Round Table National Council, in 1988/1989 elected as a National Convenor and then in 1989/1990 Elected National Secretary and in that time he had to overcome the matters of the move of Marchesi House from London to its current home at Birmingham and one of the biggest changes to take place within Round Table the age rule, all administered by Paul with dedication and with the future of Round Table very much in his mind and actions.

In 1990/1991 Haverhill Table elected Paul as its Past President and without doubt his past hard work and commitment earned Paul that honour. One would think that having carried out so much work for Round Table he would take a step back, but that is not Paul and immediately on leaving Round Table under the age rule Paul started creating his own future in the 41 Association. National Councillor, and to the delight of his family and Haverhill 41 Club colleagues Paul was elected as the National President of the Association in 2002/2003, and nothing stopped Paul, he was elected 41 Association National Honorary Solicitor and for the 15 years assisted 41 Club in making many changes to help the association go forward and face the many challenges ahead.

Paul is currently Haverhill 41 Club Secretary and Treasurer and has helped to keep us as a club on the straight and narrow!

Throughout all the years mentioned Paul also gave Haverhill Table and 41 Club a lot of laughs, some great fun times and even up to last Christmas he without doubt was the perfect Father Christmas on our sleigh.

Paul you will be greatly missed by Lin, Justine, Gemma and all your family, and our thank you from Haverhill 41 Club for quite simply being a wonderful past Tabler and friend to all of us. May you rest in peace and probably without doubt a job awaits you above.

Haverhill & District 41