Book Of Remembrances

Paul Mawdsley - Chorley Rural 41 Club


In 1980 Paul Mawdsley was a founder Member of Chorley District RT 1248 having previously been a member of Prescot RT. He occupied most of the positions in and became Chairman (1982-83)and later President (1987-88). He was instrumental in establishing Chorley Rural 41 Club in 1984 becoming Chairman (1985-86) and again (2001-02). Paul was always active within the Clubs and in visiting within Area 8, whether it was raising money for Children in Need, or for local Charities or attending Charters. He enjoyed meeting up with the other Tables from RTBI within Area 8 and at our annual our 48s’ weekends. As a true Liverpudlian, and supporter of Liverpool FC, he was a raconteur never short of a tale or a joke though at times it was hard to tell the difference. Naturally he was welcoming and the hospitality he and his wife Barbara, a committed member of Ladies Circle, offered, were most generous. Sadly, life was not as kind to him in recent years after a series of strokes, and when Barbara passed away in 2018, he felt the loss severely. Throughout this time his one wish was always that he would get well enough for the two of them to return to Bali, something they did every winter. We trust they are there now.

John Finlay

IPC - Chorley Rural 41 Club