Book Of Remembrances

Andrew Johnson - Ringwood & District 41 Club

Johnson,Andrew 1948-2015

Ringwood and District 41 Club

We are sad to announce the sudden death of Andrew Johnson at the age of 66. Chairman of Table No 643, Table Area 48 and Ringwood 41 Club. After retiring as a senior lawyer he continued as a consultant on ecclesiastical law for the Bishops of Salisbury and Winchester. He conducted several choirs and toured Europe with his own choir. A brilliant mind - wanted in every quiz team – an accomplished musician -an enthusiastic golfer, cricketer and we all remember the University rowing oar in his living room. His anecdotes about music,the law and his sporting activities were amazing.A great family man – his lovely wife Sally who like Andrew always busy and two wonderful daughters. A kind, generous and talented man he will be sadly missed. Not just a hard act to follow but an impossible act to follow.