Book Of Remembrances

Lionel Powell - Lyme 41 Club

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of our dear friend Lionel Powell on the 26th September 2016.

Lionel Thomas Powell was born on 19th November 1938 in the small Welsh village of Clydach near Abergavenny.

As a child he attended the local primary and secondary schools in Brynmawr. At the age of 16 he took on a Christmas job with the Post Office which he enjoyed some much he stayed on, delivering telegrams on his bike beforebeing made up to mail van driver.

In January 1960 he was promoted and transferred to the Post Office Dept. in Chester and it was here, in Chester, that he was to meet his wife-to-be, Cae.

They married in 1963 at Hoole Methodist Church near Chester and moved to Crewe where he had a career change and moved into the area of Social Services, first working at a Children’s home in Middlewich, Cheshire before moving to Marple, Cheshire in 1966 to head up a Boys’ Home.

It was here in Marple that Lionel joined New Mills, Marple and District Round Table 554, where he served on various committees and held numerous positions.

He furthered his expertise in Social Care with a study course at Manchester University and this expansion of his knowledge ultimately resulted in Lionel, in 1978, being appointed Team Manager for the Permanent Emergency Team for Stockport Social Services.

By the ripe old age of 40 Lionel joined Kinder 41 Club, where he served as Chairman on 4 occasions, attended 7 National Conferences, drove the car that pulled the Christmas float and did all the other things 41’ers do.

In all of this time Lionel was a caravan enthusiast, visiting France on numerous occasions , had a part share in a holiday home in the Algarve, a place he like so much he joined the Algarve 41 Club too!

Having joined Kinder 41 Club in 1979, in 2006 he joined the neighbouring Lyme 41 Club, again serving as Chairman, an active member and doing even more of what 41’ers do.

In 2013 Lionel became the Church Warden at St. Martin’s in Marple, though by now his health was just starting to deteriorate and he was eventually diagnosed with Pulmonary Fibrosis.

Lionel passed peacefully away in the presence of Cae and his local vicar on Thursday 29th September in Stepping Hill Hospital.

His wit, humanity and sheer presence is missed by all who knew him.

He leaves behind a wife, two children and two grandchildren.

Chris Moore, Chairman Lyme 41 Club