Book Of Remembrances

Vic Wiltshire - Bristol 41 Club


The perpetually cheerful diminutive figure, a former member of Bristol Table 9 and of Bristol 41 Club (chairman 1975-76) Vic passed away in February 2017 in his 94th year.

He trained as a graphics designer and illustrator before being called up for war service in the Royal Air Force during the 1939-45 conflict. In the RAF he became a part-time Armourer-fitter and a full time table tennis player becoming the RAF West Africa Champion for 2 consecutive years.

After demobilisation he tried his hand successfully as a cartoonist and his work was syndicated to newspapers in the west of England. He subsequently became a partner in a successful marketing and publicity company but will probably be best remembered as the illustrator of the widely sold range of books by his business partner Derek Robinson on the theme of KRECK WAY TO SPEAK BRISTLE.

At one time during his membership of Bristol Round Table he produced a cartoon every week for over 2 years for the club newsletter as well as for menus etc. the humour being as relevant to Tabling today as it was 50 years ago. He was absolutely delighted when in recent years a selection of his Table and 41 Club cartoons were republished in the 41 national magazine.

Derek Bond