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Arthur Ore - Beaconsfield & Pershore 41 Club

Arthur Ore - Beaconsfield 41 Club and Pershore 41 Club

Arthur was a founder member and the inaugural Chairman of Beaconsfield Round Table and in 1968 became the first Chairman of Beaconsfield 41 Club. So far as Beaconsfield members are concerned, he was as near to a Club celebrity as you can get and was the Life President of Beaconsfield 41 Club.

In 1975 he moved to Worcestershire and joined Pershore 41 Club. Even after he had moved, he continued to attended Beaconsfield's significant meetings and celebrations including, most recently, our 50th Charter in 2018. He was always extremely cheerful and at these events he would take the time to say hello to everyone and always had exactly the right comment or observation for the occasion.

Arthur passed away on 22nd June 2020.