Book Of Remembrances

John Marjason - Ipswich 41 Club

It is with great sadness that we at Ipswich 41 Club have to record with great sadness the passing of our dear friend and Club member John Marjason on Boxing Day 2020. He will be dearly missed

John who was 90 years young was a wonderfully kind man and a true gentleman. Also with his superb meeting attendance record, he was on “permanent acceptance” unless otherwise notified!, meant that he was the very backbone of 41 Club.

What impressed me most about John was his willingness to do things that I, mistakenly, thought he'd find “too young”-things like lawn bowls or Congo Rapids Crazy Golf. However I soon found, when he was beating me at bowls!, that this was not the case.

In his day he didn't just play Congo Rapid Crazy Golf - he was a fine player of the normal game - and a demon snooker player to the end his "double doubles" will remain legendary.

Rest in peace, John.

Yours in friendship


Rob Adams-Chairman Ipswich 41 Club tel 079100 19745