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Joe Hogg - Leyland 41 Club

Joe Hogg - Leyland 41 Club

Joe was born on the 12th June, 1947 in Kirkcaldy, Scotland, and died on the 12th April, 2020. Joe met his wife to be at junior school, and many years later married Morag and they had two daughters, Gillian and Lesley. The bleakest of times were suffered when they lost their 17year old daughter Gillian to cancer in 1989.

Joe trained as a chemist, working for Nairn’s of Kirkcaldy, famous for floor coverings. In 1977 a golden career opportunity presented itself in the guise of a management job the Eastern Cape, South Africa, and after much consideration, bags were packed and off they all went. It was whilst in South Africa that Joe joined Round Table. In 1980 Joe was back in England, working as the Managing Director of a part of the same company based just outside of Preston. The then chairman of Leyland Round Table was informed of a transferee about to join their midst. The wait was filed with all sorts of wild guess as to what we might expect to see of our new member, would he be a Zulu, a Springbok, or perhaps a Boer, however the rather large Scotsman who eventually arrived was not accounted for in all our wonderings.

Joe joined Round Table whilst in S.A. and transferred to Leyland 41 Round Table no: - 665 in 1980, taking on roles of Table Sales (winning the area trophy one year), magazine editor and Secretary, and when he was too old for RT, transferred to Leyland 41 club in 1987. Joe was a regular at our meetings, with a large voice to go with his large frame, which meant he was usually listened to when he stood up to speak. One of his tricks if someone did not catch his deep Scots drawl, was to turn on the bass a bit more to retell the story, thereby confusing said parties twice.

Joe will be sadly missed by all who came into contact with him. Our thoughts are with Morag, Lesley and grandson Oliver and extended family at this sad time.

Ray King

Chairman-Leyland 41 Club