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Ted Wilkinson - Cheshunt 41 Club

Ted Wilkinson - Cheshunt 41 Club, 19/02/39 to 04/05/23

The ever resourceful Ted Wilkinson was a very active table and 41 Club member stretching back over 50 years. Displaying great determination and fortitude Ted bravely carried on during a long illness, many years of which he spent in a wheelchair, before sadly passing away on 4th May 2023. 

Ted was a member of Waltham Abbey and Cheshunt Round Table and was chairman in 1979/80 and as tablers we all had a great time together and enjoyed having fun and raising money for charities. Ted was very instrumental in introducing a number of new members, many of whom are still active in 41 Club. 

Ted was a motoring journalist and Director of a local free newspaper. He was always full of stories, whether from his Road Test exploits or from his National Service days. 

Ted was renowned for his snappy dressing. On one occasion, ready to board a yacht for a weekend sailing trip from Lymington, everyone was in jeans and tee shirt but Ted appeared as immaculate as ever with jacket and tie. On leaving under the age rule he transferred to a newly formed Cheshunt 41 Club. 

Ted was 41 Club Chairman in 2005/6 and as usual his creative mind and determination to change things resulted in a great year, the highlight of which was the Battle of Trafalgar Dinner to commemorate the 200th anniversary of the Great Battle. It was an amazing night with everyone dressing in naval or military uniform and being piped aboard by the local Sea Cadets. 

Ted was a one off and his ability to confront overwhelming odds and keep going through some very dark days is an inspiration to all of us. 

He will be very much missed by his wife Billie and all in the 41 Club movement who knew him.

A Mike Evans


Cheshunt 41 Club