Book Of Remembrances

Roy Dobson - Rotherham 41 Club

Roy Dobson, passed away on the 21st. May 2020. Born 10.04.1931, aged 89.

Roy was a stalwart member of RT&41club holding most offices in both clubs.

Roy excelled at both cricket and hockey, and played for Rotherham Town.

Roy was in manufacturing woodwork, and was very handy when we had parties

an barbecues! He was educated at Rotherham Grammer School.

He was married to Rosemary for 55years. Sadly Rosemary passed away soon

afterwards. Rosemary was a member of Ladies Circle & Tangent, and played the

organ. He left a daughter Rachael and two grandchildren.

Roy had seven new hips! so now Roy rest in peace.