Book Of Remembrances

Tony Ward - Newark 41 Club

Newark 41 Club are saddened to report the passing of Tony Ward aged 93 after nearly 70 years of active Tabling.

Tony joined Newark and District 227 Round Table on 31.5.51 having attended meetings on 23.11.50 and 17.01.51. He was a very active Round Tabler for many years before moving onto 41 Club where he attended meetings until a couple of years ago when his health began to fail him.

In those early days Newark Table boasted 40 members and Tony along with his wife Pauline were very active Tablers both in the town and in the Area and this lead to many close and long lasting friendships across the Area and indeed the world. They were one of the inaugural couples who joined the ‘6th of the 6th Group’ established in 1966 by Area 14 Chairman Ron Longdon and his wife and attended the annual event well into his 80’s.

Tony was Chairman of Table on two occasions – 1958/59 and 1965/66 and he also Chaired Newark 41 Club. He was given a Lifetime Honorary Membership of Newark 41 Club two years ago.

Tony had a flair for cricket and made many friends in the Grantham area through Round Table and cricket connections. Tony was invited to become an honorary member of Grantham’s Table Enders Club which boasted Howard Imber, Colin Tipler and Lou Watkins amongst its august membership.

Tony is survived by his widow Pauline and his children Helen and Adam and their families.