Book Of Remembrances

Tom Harris - Stanley & District 41 Club

Tom Harris Stanley 41 Club, Co Durham

Tom epitomised everything that was good about Round Table and 41 Club. In 1956 he joined Stanley Round Table as a founder member. He enjoyed the fellowship that both organisations offered and got involved when others waited for things to happen.He “got” what Round Table was about and went after it with zest. He made a difference and made many friends along the way.

He carried this commitment into 41 Club and recently confessed that he had been secretary of 41 Club for 42 years on the bounce. It’s probably an achievement that few current 41ers can match. He certainly leaves big boots to fill in our club.

Tom was a gentleman in every sense of the word and was a good role model for younger Tablers. He always took the time to speak with us when we joined Table and we looked up to him as a result. He enjoyed a joke, a drink and a cigar, in fact just about everything which the PC brigade find fault with these days.Thanks Tom for showing us how to enjoy life.

In his Table career he achieved more than most. He was a former Chairman of Stanley Round Table and was also Area 20 Chairman when Table was in its heyday. He made a point of visiting every Table in Area 20 (some sixty in all) and enjoyed doing it.

In recent years Tom’s health started to deteriorate and he found it increasingly tiring to attend meetings however he continued to have one of the best attendance records of all our members. He finally passed on his secretary’s duties in June and sadly passed away a few weeks later.

He will be sorely missed by his wife Ethel and his long- time friends in Stanley 41 Club. May the hinges of friendship never rust Tom.