Why form a new Club?

Well why not!!!

Below are some of the advantages of being part of the Association

1. Ex-Tablers and are all part of the wider Round Table family. By creating a 41 Club you create a great opportunity to meet and catch up with old friends – after all we all have a shared history.

2. You create the framework to carry on with the activities which you were heavily involve in with Round Table – community service, fund raising, social events to name but a few.

3. You receive the 41 Club magazine which helps inform about what is happening around the country and provides interesting articles. See what is happening in your area.

4. There is a bi-monthly newsletter which is able to provide more up to the minute information which is sent out by email.

5. Spend 10-15 minutes having a look at the website – loads of interesting things on there.

6. Insurance is another positive benefit. There is insurance to cover events organised by 41 Club (non-ex Tablers are probably not covered though)

7. There is a discount scheme with Hyundai.

8. There is also the opportunity to save money at Puma Hotels - http://www.pumahotels.co.uk

The Purposes and Objects of the Association of Ex-Round Tablers’ Clubs (41 Club)
To link together the constituent clubs.
To promote amongst the constituent clubs and those eligible for membership, the following objects:
(i) To continue to promote opportunities for fellowship amongst former members of Round Table
(ii) To encourage active involvement in the Community
(iii) To use our experience in support of the Round Table Family
(iv) To encourage international relationships
These objects to be promoted through regular meetings and other activities.