Starting a New Club

Starting a New Club:

To start a new club is very simple and can be very quick if the following steps are applied:

1. Talk to or e-mail the National Membership Officer (Peter McBride –, or your Regional Councillor to discuss your proposal and agree a new name for your club. Establish if your club is either a brand new club to be chartered or a club that is to be re-affiliated.

2. If there is an existing club linked to the local Round Table or in the locality you must make contact with them to explain what you are doing. Your Regional Councillor will help to facilitate this.

3. Obtain the names, addresses and e-mail addresses of the new members who will start the club. We recommend a minimum of 6, but less is acceptable under the Rules.

4. Once you have obtained the names and details of the initial members, complete the New Club Application Form and return it to the 41 Club Administration at Marchesi House together with a cheque or bank transfer for the first year's capitation for the number of members you have. Note that the cheque / payment will be held at Marchesi House until the proposal for affiliation is approved by National Council.Also you will be required to inform us of the following 41 Club Officers' positions:

  • Chairman
  • Secretary
  • Treasurer
  • Membership
  • Club Contact

(This last position will be used for all correspondence with your club and must be a member who has e-mail facilities. It is also recommended now that electronic means are used for most communication that all members e-mail addresses are shown). The club contact will also be responsible for maintaining information about your club on the Club Administration System. It is important that details of members are kept up to date with postal addresses, for receipt of the National Magazine and e-mail addresses for receipt of the monthly National Newsletter.

5. 41 Club Admin will acknowledge receipt and the National Membership Officer will contact you to advise the next stage of the process.

6. The National Membership Officer will confirm his approval with you and advise the date of the next National Council meeting where your application will be proposed - there are four meetings a year. The date of the affiliation (or charter) will be the date of the National Council Meeting. He will also ask if you are intending to hold an event to celebrate your affiliation such as a charter night or special meeting. If that is the intention he will try to arrange for the National President or member of the National Board to be present to present your charter certificate.

7. After the National Council meeting approval you will receive a new club pack from the National Membership officer which will include letters of welcome and information on the use of the Club Administration system. Marchesi House will send the latest copy of the National Magazine to your club members.

8. In all of the above your Regional Councillor will be made aware of the application.

9. Once your club is up and running you may wish to try and find new members to build up your club numbers. A template press release is available CLICK HERE for your use.