Book Of Remembrances

Jay Moulsdale - 41 Active Gloucester

It is with immense sadness that I am writing to say Jay passed away last night peacefully around 6.50p.m. Jack and I were with him. Ella has seen Jay every day since Sunday but felt today was too much to take.

We are all devastated. Its such a shock, he was well and had no signs of any problems. He had a major heart attack and left home alive but unconscious and did not regain consciousness. We were told he was not in pain. We hope he heard all our stories and farewells.

He will leave a big hole in our lives as he was fun, a joker and life and soul of the party.

I met Jay when I was 18, got engaged at 19 and married at 21. Our 33rd anniversary will be in July. Jay was 59, far too young to leave us.

Kind Regards

Nicki, Jack & Ella