Book Of Remembrances

Eric Culloden, Stan Hall OBE, Terry Lawson - Continuity 41 Club

It is always sad to loose a member of our club, but last year  we lost no less than three.

The first member to slip his moorings was Eric Culloden. Eric came to Rotherham from Horsforth in 1964, and joined Round Table 24. He carried out all the offices except chairman, and enjoyed twinning with our fellow 24 club members in Europe, starting in 1966. After Table of course he was in Continuity, and later helped form Rother Vale 41. Eric leaves behind his wife Margaret a son and daughter, Mark and Beverley and four grand children. Eric passed away on the 30th. April 2014, with a service at Tickhill Parish Church. Eric lived in Tickhill.

Our second loss was Stan Hall OBE. whos obituary has already been included in the club magazine. Stan was our Borough Engineer. A passed Chairman of Rotherham24, Stan came to us from Doncaster in 1996. Stan passed away on the 26th.July, 2014, with a service at the Crematorium.

Our third member was Terry Lawson on the 15th, August 2014 with a service at the Crematorium. Terry was a staunch member of Table and will be remembered for his sterling work for Thundercliff grange and the children. Terry was unbeatable at snooker, but always made you feel as though you hadnt lost! Terry leaves his wife Geraldine, and a daughter.

They will all be sorely missed, and our love and thoughts go to their widows, children and grandchildren.