Book Of Remembrances

John Bryant - Toddington 41 Club


Toddington 41 Club 28 November 1949 - 4 August 2022

John’s unexpected and untimely passing left a large gap both in our Club and in the local community.

In 1974 he became a Founder Member of Toddington and District Round Table 1118, and took the role of Table Chairman for 1983-1984. His enthusiasm spread across a variety of activities and community projects, the most notable being a year-long “Fix-It” programme which involved all of his Club colleagues in making wishes come true for many young and disadvantaged members of our society. 

Moving on (as always) John served as our 41 Club Chairman for 1998-1999 and again for 2015-2016. As a regular and frequent participant at our meetings and events John never failed to make an impression - as guardian of the wine cellar; a fervent and inventive Master At Arms, and always with humorous or thoughtful contributions to the matter in hand. 

John was “Toddington born and bred”, and his involvement in the community was evident in the promotion and support of other organisations in which he had held various offices - including Dunstable Rotary Club; Toddington Old Boys Association; and Toddington Royal British Legion - all of which was wrapped around a love of fine dining; becoming (and practising his skills as) a Master of Wine; and a lifetime’s devotion to cars and rallying. 

It was a measure of his achievements that family, friends, neighbours and colleagues filled every available seat and standing space in St George of England Parish Church in Toddington to meet for a Service of Thanksgiving and Celebration for his life. 

We shall miss him.

Doug Dix

Hon Secretary

Toddington 41 Club