Book Of Remembrances

Barry Bowker - Ulverston 41 Club

Good afternoon National President Andrew,

Just thought you would like to know that due to this horrible virus, we have just lost one of our fantastic and irreplaceable Barry Bowker. You will remember him as our Wine expert and raconteur at the Joint meeting you attended with Leyland 41 earlier in the year. He had been struck down with Corona Virus and had been in Intensive care. Our Club is devastated to loss him. He was a big chap with an even bigger heart, everyone who met our “Big Barry” is unlikely to forget him. He epitomises Friendship, Fellowship and Fun organising our dinner and lunchtime meetings with a smile and his Scouse humour.

What a loss. Some of our members , me included, were isolated as we were heavily involved in getting him to hospital as we thought it was only pneumonia.

Ulverston 41 Club members are now concerned that due to the restrictions ,we may not even be able to properly say our good byes.

Keep safe, keep well ,we hope to resume our meetings as soon as possible.

Kind regards

Paul Barton

Hon Sec

Ulverston 41 Club