Book Of Remembrances

Jeffrey Newton - Leicester St Martins 41 Club

Brian Groves wrote:

Jeff followed his father into Freemasonry, which was traditional in those days. He was initiated into Enderby Lodge in 1972 and became Master in 1988 at a very young age of 42, becoming one of the youngest Masters of his Lodge. It was there that he met the late Tony Kendrick, who introduced him to the Premier Round Table of Leicestershire & Rutland, Leicester 39.

Jeff joined Leicester 39 in 1976 and it was freely accepted that he was a suave and debonair young man with his athletic physique and pencil moustache. Needless to say he was very popular with the ladies!! He was incredibly fit and went to the gym several times a week, bearing in mind gyms weren't as fashionable then as they are today, but his prowess on the squash court was something to marvel and appreciate - he was seldom beaten!!

The "jewel in the crown" of Leicestershire & Rutland Round Table’s distinctions was the advent of " Toys on the Table" in which every Round Table in the county played an enormous part.

Although Jeff was not one of the originators, or even in the think tank, he very kindly put his vehicles and expertise in the toy trade into transporting the toys collected from the Haymarket Shopping Centre Leicester to a school which the council nominated, where the toys were very carefully separated into age and gender and then distributed to underprivileged children. This was a truly wonderful exercise and showed Round Table at its very best - and this continues today, although another organisation enjoys the credit and glory, but it was a Round Table notion and creation.

Jeff thoroughly enjoyed his Round Table and became Chairman in 1981-82. It has been generally accepted that it was not only an exciting year, but an extremely enjoyable one - a year to remember. It was no surprise that Jeff was invited back to be President in 1989-90 which again he fulfilled with his usual flair and devotion.

When he achieved the mature age of 40 in 1987, he graduated to 41 Club and played a key role in the merger of the Leicester and Leicester St. Martins 41 Clubs and had served the movement in numerous positions with distinction until his sad passing. He may be remembered, also, for his frequent generosity.

Jeff was first married to Jane; they had two children, a son and a daughter; and then to Julia, and they have a daughter.

Mike Lane-Spouge added this further tribute:

Sadly, Jeff lost his fight against the big 'C' on Saturday 27th March 2021.

My memories of Jeff's friendship go back many years, not only through 41 Club but also through business and family commitments. They will remain in my heart forever.

Jeff was an astutely tireless businessman, who travelled the world in pursuit of excellence in whatever enterprise he was involve in, and more so in helping others.

I would share many memories at his dad’s home in Kirby Muxloe with Jeff on occasional Saturday lunchtimes, sharing fish and chips and listening to their experiences and commitments to the organisations they were involved with.

We shall all miss him. Let us raise a toast - to absent friends.

May the hinges of friendship never rust.