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Alan Faulkner - Colchester Colneside Retreads 41 Club

It is with great sadness that I advise you of the peaceful passing of our former Secretary/Treasurer Alan Faulkner on 12 August, aged 79 years.

Unfortunately, through ill health, Alan had to relinquish his positions in Colchester Colneside Retreads at the beginning of this year. Until then, Alan had worked tirelessly for the club.

Fortunately, Alan was well enough to attend a luncheon at the Colchester Garrison Officers Club with his wife Anita in the spring in celebration of his service to the club. He was presented with a silver salver by our chairman, Gerry Woodruff, on which was inscribed, “Thank you for being our Secretary/Treasurer for as long as anyone can remember”.

Alan was a former business manager for Midland Bank, later HSBC. In his eulogy it was confirmed that during his employment of many years, he never took a day off sick.

Some record in today’s world. 


Robert Clubb


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