Book Of Remembrances

John Ormerod - Leyland 41 Club

John Alexander Ormerod 11th March 1953 – 20th February 2019

John died suddenly on the 20th February from a (Spontaneous) Intracerebral Haemorrhage.

He leaves behind Pauline, his wife of 48 years, son Nick, past Chairman of Leyland RT and Michelle with four grandchildren Harry, Grace, Jorge and Faith. Along with lots of close friends in Blackburn Greys 41 Club, Leyland 41 Club and Dragons 41 Club. Also in Schleswig 41 Club and Schweinfurt 41 Club in Germany.

These are the dates that were part of John’s Round Table and 41 Club Timeline.

John joined Blackburn Greys 883 Round Table at the invitation of Mark Marshall in the 1980s.

By 1986, John had already made great friends with Schweinfurt RT in Germany (Twinned with Blackburn Greys) and was presented with their RT Adopt, Adapt, Improve Trophy.

1990-91 RT Chairman Blackburn 83. Twinned with several 83 Round Tables in this country and in Europe which he thoroughly enjoyed.

1990-1991 Simon Dyson RT President presented John with The Davey Pocket Cup.

1992-93 RT National Councillor for Area 34. Served on the Sports and Social Committee. Chairman of the Caravan & Camping Rally.

1993 Blackpool National Conference Steward.

2001-2002 Leyland 41 Club Chairman (Twinned with Schleswig in Germany).

2009-2010 Leyland 41 Club Chairman.

2009-2010 Leyland RT 665 President.

2017 Blackpool National Conference Committee.

He will be sadly missed.