Book Of Remembrances

Peter Gray - Rothwell & District 41 Club

ROTHWELL & DISTRICT 41 CLUB are saddened to announce the death of Peter Gray who passed away on 8th January 2017aged 83 years after a heart attack. Peter was a founder member of Rothwell Round Table No.960 and was Chairman in 1971/72 and President in 1985/86. He was a founder member of Rothwell41 Club and was Chairmanin 1995/96 & 2010/11 and President in 2013/14. Peter and his late wife Denise were a couple committed to the activities of RothwellRound Table , Ladies Circle , 41 Club & Tangent for over 50 years . They will always be remembered for the support and friendship they gave to Rothwell 41 Club and Tangent members, their many friends and the local community.

(Posted on behalf of Rothwell 41 Club by Brian Sutcliffe )