Book Of Remembrances

Peter Lovell - Harlow Ex-Tablers and 41 Club

Lovell, Peter

Harlow Ex-Tablers and 41Club

Peter passed away on 5 February 2015 after a long illness, he was one of the first members of Harlow Round Table and took many offices in that club, becoming chairman in 1962/63, he always took an active part in all activities and in particular the discussions. Peter became a member of Harlow Ex-Tablers & 41 club when it was formed, but because of his illness he had not been able to attend meetings over the last few years. The members and friends will miss his input at meetings. Peter enjoyed the country life and was a great help and support to many organisations; he had been Church Warden and chairman of the Parish Council before moving to Middle Wallop. Our thoughts and condolences are with Mavis his wife and to his family.