Book Of Remembrances

Peter Robinson - Nene 41 Club

Peter Robinson

Peter was a founder member of Northampton Nene 985 Round Table he also founded his rather unique sheepskin business Easy Riderin our town in 1971. I am attaching a link to the obituary penned by Charles Afford which gives you a greater insight into Peter’s life. A lovely guy and in Charles’ word, a real charmer.

Charles tells me that as a wide eyed 16 year old with somewhat limited academic credentials he was directed by the Youth Employment Service to Peter’s door, Charles and Peter worked together until Peter retired to be nearer his family in Somerset.

It was inevitable that Charles would become a Tabler. The active support of employers is sadly a thing which is now rare, but Peter wanted Charles to experience Tabling.

Newcomers to Nene 41 Club would quickly find Peter to be a welcoming friend. His easy manner and warmth put new members at ease and his wit and sense of humour made him an extremely popular Tabler and 41er.

Peter and wife Penny participated enthusiastically in the antics of Table over the years as the above photo of them which you may recall from the 50th Charter slide show, illustrates.

For many years in the days when our meetings were frequently speaker meetings, Peter held the post of Speaker finder. He had an extensive network of contacts and was able to persuade many fascinating story tellers to entertain us. I fondly remember Peter organising a Trafalgar day meeting where, dressed appropriately he and his guest re-enacted details of the famous battle.

Peter also took us up bell towers as this photo from a 2006 edition of Fatter illustrates.

He used his connections at UCN to give us all access to the then emerging technology of 3D imaging. We experienced the amazing feeling of being on a moonscape where we could appear to walk around whilst all the time being in a glass enclosure at the University. Peter always knew how to entertain us.

He was often mentioned in Fatter. In 2009 it was said Peter Robinson was reading this book the other day, The History of Glue. He couldn't put it down!

So just like that book, our memories of Peter will remain stuck with us for a long time. Rest in Peace old friend.