How to Join?

Are you looking to join a 41 Club or an XRT Club?

It may be that you are just about to leave Round Table or you have left a little while ago and miss the fun and fellowship you had or even just moved location and want to find a new club. You may not have been in Round Table and looking to join a group of like-minded men to enjoy some fun and fellowship.

Whatever your motivations are we’re delighted you are considering joining.

If your Round Table already has a local 41 Club that you plan to join to continue your RT Family journey that’s great – we know you’ll be made welcome and will have a great time. If you need help finding a local 41 Club, email the National Membership Officer at
For those who don’t or can’t join a local 41 Club, why not join an existing or start a new XRT Club? A new type of active Club to continue your Table friendships and activities. Local XRT Clubs are made up of those who are leaving or have recently left Table but still want to continue their active experiences amongst like-minded men – either with those who were in their own Table or with others who were in other local Tables.

Just visit , enter your details and we'll get back to you!

So what can we offer?

Despite the fact that we might no longer be young in age we continue to be young at heart. Our clubs offer a real variety. Some of our clubs purely retain the fellowship through regular meetings and dinners but the banter across the table remains the same. Some of our newer clubs are just extensions of Round Table with a highly active programme of meetings, events and energetic activities. Whichever it is they still seem to enjoy the traditions of meeting friends over a beer (or two).

Some clubs engage in meetings with other clubs which can involve all sorts of challenges from sporting to cerebral. A number of clubs are now getting involved in community activities and fund raising not only in support of the local Round Table but independently as well.

We have a great National Conference each year and the many Tablers and Circlers who join us each year all remark on the fact that we still know how to party. You can still go to Round Table NSW, or camping and caravanning which are open to all members.  Indeed, 41 Club now has its own NSW and there is also the Classic Car Rally.

41 Club also has a very strong international presence. Many of our clubs have retained links from Round Table and there have been some new ones established as well.

Over the past couple of years we have established a monthly electronic newsletter which is sent by e-mail to all our members. Have a look at that on the web site to see what is going on in 41 Club now.

There are various discount schemes for members, for example there are discount schemes with Hyundai and Fred. Olsen Cruises amongst others.

As has always been the case though you can only get out what you are prepared to put in. So why not contact us either through Marchesi House, your local Regional Councillor or the National Membership and Round Table Liaison Officer.

So your local club doesn’t meet your needs?

Not to worry we have found that’s the case with many recent Round Tablers and we are happy to encourage the formation of a new club. Over the past 2 years we have opened 22 of these and we are regularly talking to ex-Round Tablers about new ones. If this interests you and you know a group of other ex-Tablers in your location why not give us a call.

What next?

Starting a new Club couldn't be easier just complete the Membership Form and e-mail it to either the National Membership & Round Table Liaison Officer at or to Marchesi House and we will be in contact with you.