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Rodney Allen - Wallington & Carshalton 41 Club

Rodney Allen – Wallington & Carshalton 41 Club

Wallington & Carshalton 41 Club are deeply sorry to announce the sad passing of Rodney Allen – our dear friend and much-loved member at the age of 75.

Rodney had a long and illustrious Round Table and 41 Club history. He joined Wallington & Carshalton Round Table 166 in 1975, was a past Table Chairman, past Table President and a Lifetime Table Honorary.

He drove the re affiliation of Wallington & Carshalton 41 Club in 1993 – being a Founder Member of the ‘Politburo’, after which he was Chairman for nine years from 1993 to 2002.

Rodney was more than mere dates however..

At Round Table National Conferences, Rodney would always organise the Bar between us and on the mini-buses he was the sing-song leader, often providing song sheets.

Rodney led the way in 2005 by volunteering our 41 Club to organise the Annual Region 10 (now Region 24) Dinners and was always the first person to offer to help the organising committee was Rodney. A vivid memory will always be when returning after a Regional Dinner in 2007 getting the whole minibus singing “Hey Baby” with plenty of stand-up action on the “Huuu Haaa – I wanna know if you’ll be my girl”.

Rodney never missed our International gatherings with our Dutch and German 166 Clubs and was always at the front of any cabaret - most notably as Sporty Spice one year! He was also a great traditionalist - never missing any opportunity to stand on the table or chair and get everyone else doing the same for ‘Dambusters’ – especially when in Germany!

Rodney was known as “Mr. Fireworks” for his tireless work at our annual charity event and would usually fund the purchase of sweets for all the sick children of Queen Mary’s Hospital out of his own pocket.

He was also a long-term member of the Carshalton Carnival committee and was happy for his house to be used as the base for building the Carnival float on the Friday night before the Carnival event the next day and together with his wife Sheila, their hospitality was legendry.

Rodney was a big man both physically, in character and in the respect he enjoyed from others.

Perhaps one of the best abiding memories of Rodney is from one of his fellow Tablers when at a Christmas street collection in the mid 80’s. Rodney was attired in one of the “one size fits all” elf costumes. Near us by the Wallington shops, someone started collecting money ‘for animal rights or the tree huggers collective or something’.

Rodney, in the bright green costume, marched up to him, stared down at him and told him that we had a street collection licence, he did not, and he had no right to be there. The guy looked up at Rodney and asked “So, who are you, then?” Rodney edged in a little closer, towering over him and said “I’m Father Christmas’s little elf, now F*** Off!” He did.

Rodney, your memory will always make us smile - you were unique, much loved and will be a great loss to your friends in Round Table and 41 Club but will never be forgotten.

He was a very proud family man to his wife Sheila, their children and grandchildren and our sincere condolences go out to them.