Book Of Remembrances

Ian Piddlesden - Wickford 41 Club



It is with great sadness that we announce the unexpected death from heart failure of Ian Piddlesden. Ian, a retired insurance broker, was a stalwart of the Club, having been Chairman twice, Treasurer, Membership Officer, Social Secretary and Club Secretary, the latter office on ten occasions, including the last seven consecutive years. He had announced that this was to be his eighth and final year in that role.We relied heavily on his meticulous record keeping, his ability to guide the Chairman through the meetings and ensure everything went smoothly, which he did with a smile and cheery comment. He could always be relied upon to support sports, social and charitable events with enthusiasm and good humour. He would always willingly lend a helping hand and was a really good friend to have.

Ian joined Round Table in 1972 and was always heavily involved, holding most of the 747 Club offices including Chairman in 1981.82. Whether it was Wickford Carnival, the fireworks display, the donkey derby or any other event, Ian would be at the forefront. In sports too, he played football for the club against other tables and again excelled. He was a volunteer at the Olympic Games and also at the Rugby World Cup. He was a Freemason and was also highly regarded in his various roles there.

His death came as a great shock, as he had shown no signs of illness, although we knew he suffered from angina. He passed away peacefully in his sleep. He is sadly missed by us all and he leaves his wife Jan and two children Mark and Gina and five grandchildren.We offer our sincere condolences to them.