Book Of Remembrances

Brian Curson - Rotherham 41 Club

Sadly we have lost another 41club member on the 18th.June 2020.

Brian enjoyed his Round Table days which he joined from 1960.

He was proposed by a founder member of RT, Charles Chislet, who although out

of Table himself, was a strong recommendation and his boss at
Williams&Glyns Bank.

Brian rose to be Area Manager, of RBS. and was always in use as
Treasurer and Auditor.

Brian lost his wife Hazel in 1980, but enjoyed the company of Di Wild an
ex Tangent member.

Brian had three sons, two of which organized his 90th. birthday in
November last year.

Brian will no doubt offer his services to his Lordship in the sky.

Ian Burnett, Imm. Past Chairman.