Book Of Remembrances

Gary Ramsbottom - Blackburn Greys 41 Club

BLACKBURN GREYS 41 CLUB are devastated to announce the death of member Gary Ramsbottom who passed away on 22nd July 2016 after a tragic accident.

Gary was Chairman of Blackburn Greys Round Table No.883 in 1993 -94 and a very active Table member.

He organised our Twinning programme with Schweinfurt 124 Round Table on at least two occasions.

Gary continued his enthusiasm in to 41 Club and was an active member always at the heart of the club and ready to perform his trade mark conjuring tricks!

Gary leaves his wife Sheona and children Emma, Rachael and Guy.

We all miss him but his spirit lives on and our club we will never forget my brother and special friend Gary.