Book Of Remembrances

David Pond - City of Birmingham 41 Club

David Pond, a stalwart of City of Birmingham 41 Club, died on the 26th November, 2018, aged 78 years. Although never a Chairman of City of Birmingham 41 Round Table, as he was a member when elections from several candidates, was common, he was a Past President and 41 Chairman, several times. He was regarded as super fit, cycling, swimming and walking, as well as arm wrestling, being amongst his sports, and though himself into everything he did with huge enthusiasm. Pondy, retired at 50, from running his tool shop in Birmingham City Centre, but became involved in Rotary, Remap and other charitable projects and as we learned from his funeral obituaries, was a mentor both in time and finance, to Willard Wigan MBE, renowned for his miniature sculptures such as the Last Supper in the eye of a needle, when he was a jobless and broke teenager. Pondy was probably the longest serving Social Secretary of the Club, organising trips top goodness knows where, theatres, meals and annual croquet competitions against RT50.

His illness developed only over the past 18 months, and his death a huge surprise as he was one of the younger Club members. He will be sadly missed

David Byram