Book Of Remembrances

Peter Riley - Epping 41 Club

Peter was a very active tabler and 41 Club Member. He joined Epping Round Table in 1970 and was Chairman in 1982-3. Epping Table was very active at this time with a big Spring Fair and even larger Fireworks event. Peter made sure that both events were very successful and enjoyable for the community in Epping. He made his year as Chairman a hard act to follow. When the time came Peter transferred to Epping 41 Club and brought with him all the enthusiasm he brought to Table. He took the chair of 41 Club for the period of 1994/95 and was very active in the support of Table.

During 2022 Peter continued to suffer serious health issues and passed away on 19th October 2022. He will be very much missed by his family and all in the Table / 41 Club movement who knew him.