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Richard (Dick) Nutt - Maldon 41 Club

Tribute to Richard (Dick) Nutt who passed away peacefully aged 96 on the 17th August 2019 in his care home in Ipswich.

Dick was very much in the mould of a gentleman farmer and his banking life was developed whilst working in the non rural parts of Essex & Herts. Dick came from farming stock and was a career banker who was ideally suited to country life and to being the Branch Manager at LLoyds Bank in Tiptree prior to his retirement over 30 years ago. A genial host, the whisky bottle (or something similar) was usually produced whenever there were visitors either at his home or, in more recent times, when some of us called to see him at his residential nursing home on the outskirts of Ipswich.

A kind and extremely courteous man with old fashion charm, a gentle mentor who I readily realised knew much about the world of agriculture and those who worked in such an environment. I met Dick 40 years ago when I was appointed to be the Manager of a new Lloyds Bank branch in Maldon and I went to see him when I was arranging to buy a house in Tiptree. Dick previously had to develop his branch in much the same way as this writer and he took me on a tour of the villages in and around Tiptree and pointed out the places and areas where “.....some care” could be necessary if lending propositions were received from those living or working there - it proved to be a valuable experience!

Dick was an active Round Tabler and 41er and was elected President of Maldon 41 Club in 2004. Dick retired from the Club in 2014 due to ill health and was made an Honorary Life Member. He leaves 2 sons.

Barry Palmer

President, Maldon 41 Club


Dick Nutt – His life as a Tabler and 41er.

Table started in the early 50s for Dick in his home town of Stamford, Lincolnshire. Along with a school friend and a few other ‘like minded’ individuals they founded Stamford Round Table. Some 6 years later Dick’s employer moved him to Stevenage (which was then developing into a large new town).Stevenage Table also enjoyed a period of expansion, and Dick was young and fit enough to enjoy every minute of it!


Dick’s bank moved him again in the 60s and he found himself in Halstead, Essex.By then he had reached the ripe old age of 40 and joined their 41 Club.Not long after then, he moved in very quick succession to Leigh on Sea and then to Tiptree, where he joined and actively engaged himself in Maldon 41 Club. Dick always referred to those days as “wonderful”.

Dick will be remembered by us all as a true gentlemen and an active supporter of the Round Table and 41 Club movement. Dick freely gave his time for fellowship and friendship with everyone he came in contact with, throughout his personal and working life. It was a privilege and indeed a pleasure to be able to spend time with him during the latter years of his life. He will be sorely missed by family, friends and everyone at Maldon 41 Club.

The funeral service will take place at St Luke’s Church, Tiptree, at 12.00 on Wednesday 11th September 2019

Russell G Everard

Almoner, Maldon 41 Club

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