Book Of Remembrances

George Bell - Mexborough 41 Club

George Bell 1938-2017

George was born in Salford shortly before the beginning of the war. When the bombing started he was evacuated to relatives on a small hill farm near Chesterfield, Derbyshire. The relatives adopted him and he continued to live on the farm. He had to work from an early age to help the family income. It was a hard life with no electricity and water had to be obtained from a deep well.

His parents died when he was 21 and had just finished his apprenticeship as a joiner. George was proud to have worked on Chesterfield's famous Crooked Spire but was miffed that he only got danger money when on the highest scaffold.

It was around this time that his lifelong love of motorbikes started. He was part of a close-knit group that took part in trials and scrambles, with many narrow escapes from serious injury.

George eventually decided there was more money to be made in selling and started to study the subject. He started with floor cleaning machines, but then moved into building materials, including plumbing. One of his happiest times was when he was Area Manager for the Bartol Company. The sales meetings were held at his home and the sales team became part of the family. He later worked for the Hepworth Group as Export Director and went all over the world. Later, George became Technical Services Manager, helping to develop new products.

George met wife Sue at a dancing class in Chesterfield and they were married in 1965. Sue and their subsequent family became the focus of his life, he was very proud of his three boys; Duncan, Jim and Andrew and idolised his grandchildren. The boys remember a unique childhood, full of travel, adventure and experiences driven by George's enthusiasm for life.

George and Sue made many friends in the Round Table and Circle, and continued with 41 Club and Tangent, enjoying the social and charitable activities.

Throughout his illness George showed real strength and courage. He never felt sorry for himself and managed to keep his sense of humour.

George passed away on the 7th May, aged 78.