Book Of Remembrances

David Henfrey - Braintree & Halstead 41 Club

DAVID HENFREY (30.12.55 – 14.08.17)

David joined Braintree R.T.404 in 1985 and with his accounting background was soon in the position of treasurer. It is still remembered to this day the time he asked at an Area AGM why the accounts being presented did not balance (they were not adopted). He went on to hold various positions in Table and served on the area executive. He greatly enjoyed the National Conference’s, at a time when the fancy dress parties were attended by hundreds.

His Table career culminated with him being elected chairman in 1993/94, a year which saw Braintree R.T celebrate its 40th anniversary, an event etched into the memories of those who attended.

Following R.T David went on to join his old tabler friends in Braintree & Halstead 41 Club where he remained a member until his all too early death; he had taken retirement ahead of time, in March, due to ill health.

Outside of R.T./41 David enjoyed his church, where he had been treasurer for over 25 years, travelling (we always looked forward to his postcards), local history, Shakespeare, Music, Cinema and was reserving judgement on the new Doctor Who!

David had a very large and diverse group of friends all of whom will miss him in their own particular way.