Book Of Remembrances

Geoffrey Banks - Rothwell & District 41 Club

10thJANUARY 2018

ROTHWELL & DISTRICT 41 CLUB are saddened by the death of Geoffrey A. Banks who passed away on 3rd December 2017 aged 81 years in St .Gemma’s Hospice , Leeds .

Geoff was a founder member of Rothwell Round Table No. 960 and was Chairman in 1974/75 . He was also a founder member of Rothwell 41 Club and was Chairman of the Club in 1979/80 , 2006/07and 2016/17.

Geoff and his wife Enid have made enormous contributions to the activities of Rothwell Round Table , Ladies Circle , 41 Club & Tangent over the last 50 years. In addition they have worked tirelessly for the local branch of the NSPCC .

Geoff also served as a governor of the Leeds College of Technology and assisted in the teaching of reading & writing skills at a local comprehensive school.