Book Of Remembrances

Derek Bunker - Evesham Rotary Club


After dental training at Guy's Hospital in the mid 1940s followed by a period of National Service in the Royal Navy, Derek returned to his by then home town of Sandy to take over the family dental practice. He soon became a member of Sandy Round Table. His involvement in Sandy Round Table formed the basis for a lifelong commitment not just to service in the community through not just Round Table but other similar groupings, and to those organisations themselves. After serving in a number of roles within Sandy Round Table, Derek became involved in Area and National, culminating in a year as National Membership Officer. Until only a few years ago, he looked forward and thoroughly enjoyed the annual reunions of the National Executive on which he served, ensuring as far as practically possible that nothing was in the diary to preclude his attendance - including ensuring that the dates for trips to his family in Australia and New Zealand did not clash. After many years of involvement with Sandy Round Table and 41 club, in his mid-50s, Derek moved with his wife Mary, to Eastbourne, and continued his commitment to service in the community through Rotary, whilst maintaining his links with 41 Club. In their mid-70s, Derek and Mary moved to Evesham, to be nearer to family, and became a member of the local Rotary Club where he made contact with other locals who had Round Table and 41 Club links. Although Derek was not a member of Vale of Evesham 41 Club, he always remained interested in the activities of the local Round Table and 41 Club, and was always committed to continuing the approach to community service which had commenced through his involvement in Round Table, continuing to give freely of his time and advice.

Martin King

Member Vale of Evesham 41 Club

Past Chairman of Vale of Evesham Round Table

Past Chairman Area 23

Pass National Councillor