Book Of Remembrances

Phil Hill - Prestwich, Salford & Whitefield 41 Club

HILL, Phillip Steven

It is with great sadness that Prestwich, Salford & Whitefield 41 Club, must announce the passing of their member and friend, Phil Hill who after long illness finally lost his battle with liver disease on 27th June 2017 at the age of just 56.

Phil had been a member of Salford Round Table since 1993 and was one of the founding members of the amalgamated Prestwich, Salford & Whitefield Round Table in 1995. He held many offices over the years and served as Chairman in 2001/2.

Phil enjoyed helping others and his work on our many community service projects was prolific. In particular, he had shown great heart when taking children with life threatened illnesses on a magical trip to Lapland.

But it is perhaps for the social events that Phil will be remembered best. His (barely legal) firework parties were legendary. A regular at National Conference weekends, International trips, Ladies Evenings and Area 46 Rallies, he loved nothing more than a good party where his friendly, larger than life demeanor endeared him to many.

Phil was also a founding member of the Prestwich, Salford & Whitefield 41 Club when it was formed in 2009, but shortly thereafter was unable to participate to his former extent due to his failing health and requisite teetotalism.

During this difficult period of his life he never gave up his commitment to helping the needy and volunteered for the Salford Food Bank, thus providing the 41 club with a link to this worthy community project, a link that will continued to be honored now that Phil has gone.

Returning to full time membership of the 41 club, whilst maintaining the abstinence his condition demanded (an unenviable position), Phil never the less managed to keep his sense of humor to the very end. He will be greatly missed and fondly remembered by us all.

Our sympathies to Phil’s wife Diane, his children James and Ruth, and all his family and many friends.