Our view on Charity

Round Table Childrens Wish

41 Club is not a Registered Charity. However one of its main purposes is to support Round Table and the 41 Club Council encourage this.

There is no set ‘policy’ on charity. Clubs should if possible support their local Round Table in charitable activities. This may include Beer Festivals, Christmas Floats, Children in Need, and Firework nights. Usually, 41 Club assist Round Table in stewarding events and sometimes the Round Table who receive that help shares some of their profits with that 41 Club enabling the Club to have some charitable funds.

Many 41 Clubs invite guest speakers to their meetings and sometimes these are from local charities in their locality. By having some charitable funds available it is possible to give the speaker a donation after their talk.

Each year the Association’s National President supports a national Charity. This year that is Round Table Childrens Wish and clubs are encouraged to support the National President in raising funds on his behalf. This can be by simply a collection, running a charity event or perhaps the proceeds of each meeting’s ‘Sergeant at Arms’.

There is no obligation to raise money for charity, however, if there is a choice of direction to go – nationally we would recommend the President’s Charity and any local activity in the community.

In recent years the National Presidents have raised:
£35,000 for Dementia UK
£57,000 for Macmillan Cancer Support
£60,000 for Prostate Cancer
£30,000 for The Stroke Association
£28,000 for Shelter
£25,000 for The Prince's Trust